The MakeupDrop


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An anti-microbial makeup applicator for more even coverage.

The MakeupDrop from MakeupDrop makes every day makeup application a breeze. Made from pure silicone, this makeup applicator differs from a traditional sponge in that it only requires half the amount of product while flawlessly blending your cosmetics. Use it to dot concealer, contour, highlight or apply your favorite blush.


Apply product directly to your MakeupDrop. After Priming, dab foundation on skin using your MakeupDrop. Blend evenly into skin using circular motions. Use the tip for small corners. Build for extra coverage. Dot concealer on blemishes and under eyes. Take contour, highlighter or cream blush and dab lightly across cheekbone and blend. The MakeupDrop is anti-microbial, just clean using warm water or a wipe.